Two-finger scrolling on Windows

One of my favorite features of Mac laptops is two-finger scrolling. This lets you scroll down a long document similar to the way the middle wheel does on a Windows mouse.

I mentioned on Twitter this evening that it would be nice if Windows had this feature. Apparently many newer Windows laptops come with this capability.  Todd Brooks replied that my laptop might be able to the two-finger scroll if I upgraded my touchpad driver. He was right. I went to the Microsoft Update site and saw that one of the optional updates was exactly what Todd suggested I install.

So far it seems that the two-finger scrolling on my ThinkPad isn’t as smooth as it is on a MacBook Pro, but it’s still nice to have.

2 thoughts on “Two-finger scrolling on Windows

  1. I’m shocked you don’t prefer the pointy stick, though I suppose it isn’t terribly well-suited to scrolling documents. I dislike enough taking my fingers from the home row that I have disabled my ThinkPad’s track pad.

  2. Moving from mac, this is the most annoying problem and hit on your blog. Then while trying to reduce my palm sensor sensitivity (to the 3rd point on the left), i found that there was significant improvement in scrolling. Also I additionally disabled gesture filtering. both these settings are in smart check settings of trackpad. (lenova thinkpad)

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