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Soft maximum

I had a request to turn my blog posts on the soft maximum into a tech report, so here it is:

Basic properties of the soft maximum

There’s no new content here, just a little editing and more formal language. But now it can be referenced in a scholarly publication.

More random inequalities

I recently had a project that needed to compute random inequalities comparing common survival distributions (gamma, inverse gamma, Weibull, log normal) to uniform distributions. Here’s a report of the results.

Random inequalities between survival and uniform distributions

This tech report develops analytical solutions for computing Prob(X > Y) where X and Y are independent, X has one of the distributions mentioned above, and Y is uniform over some interval. The report includes R code to carry out the analytic expressions. It also includes R code to estimate the same inequalities by sampling for complementary validation.

Here are some other tech reports and blog posts on random inequalities.

5 thoughts on “New tech reports

  1. I had my students implement a 2-arg softmax procedure while learning Scheme a homework or two ago, and then consider how to make it variable arity. They noticed that different implementations give different answers, but remarkably similar.

  2. I don’t know what a soft maximum is but you have a typo “witht he soft maximum and how.”

    Like your blog a lot

  3. John,

    The first line of the second page of the soft maximum paper says ‘This report call’ instead of ‘This report calls’. Love the blog though!


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