6 thoughts on “Odd meter music

  1. Some Balkan music has non-integer time signatures. The extra half-beat is added either to the end of the first beat or the last beat of the measure.

    This song has three-and-a-half beats per measure. The extra half-beat is added to the end of the first beat. This is Albanian music.

    I’ve heard other songs which have four-and-a-half beats per measure.

  2. My favorite “popular” song with an irregular time signature is “The Day I Tried To Live” by Soundgarden. Very original.

    But my favorite is “#First Circle” by Pat Metheny. Just challenge your friends to figure out the time signature on that one and sit back to watch them be frustrated for an hour. Very very deceptively written piece.

  3. My dad once heard one of my compositions, and trying to be helpful, told me I should try writing some pretty music for a change. I wrote a menuet in 3½ / 4. Interestingly, he was much more receptive to odd meters than odd harmony.

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