Open source and pride

Liz Quilty explains how becoming an expert in open source software changed her life.

[I was a] high school dropout, I had no education, I was nobody. I’d made some poor choices, and I think at this point suddenly I was known for my knowledge rather than for my poor choices. And so it was quite good for me that I had some pride. I was like, this is really awesome, I’m really good at this, I really know this.

Source: FLOSS Weekly podcast, starting around 12:00.

3 thoughts on “Open source and pride

  1. SteveBrooklineMA

    I don’t know what it means to be an expert in open source software. I write some software. I put it out on the web. How would that act of web publishing make another person an expert in my code?

  2. In the context of the interview, I believe she was adept at helping people use Linux at a time when that was much more challenging than it is now.

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