Humbled by a debugging book

I started developing software for Windows in 1995, but I hardly know anything about Windows. I feel like my understanding of Windows peaked around the turn of the millennium and has declined since. I was reminded of the depth of my ignorance by a new book I received recently, Inside Windows Debugging.

This book goes way beyond stepping through code with the Visual Studio debugger. It dives into the architecture of Windows and the details of how different kinds of debugging work: user-mode, kernel-mode, native, managed, remote, etc. It has a little to say about Visual Studio, but focuses on more advanced tools such as WinDbg.

Obviously Inside Windows Debugging is a book about debugging. But it’s also a good book for someone wanting to know more about Windows internals.

One thought on “Humbled by a debugging book

  1. I’m currently going through Win Internals, advanced win debugging, & advanced .NET debugging – I know exactly what you mean :)

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