Fixing computers

When I was growing up and ordinary people were becoming aware of computers, my father told me that he thought there would be good money in fixing computers when they break down.

Looking back on this, it’s obvious why he would say that: he fixed things. I could just imagine a salesman saying at the same time “Son, there’s going to be good money in selling computers.” Maybe a policeman was telling his son that computer crime was going to be a big problem some day. And maybe a politician was telling his son that we’ve got to find a way to tax computers.

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I first posted this on Google+ a few days ago.

2 thoughts on “Fixing computers

  1. What were the careers of Fathers who told his sons “there’s going to be good money in programming computers”?

  2. A friend of my father once told me that he had considered trade school for color TV repair – the first ones required so much adjusting and professional installation.

    Chose college instead. Annapolis. Retired with four stars.

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