How to subscribe to a Twitter account via RSS now

Twitter turned off their RSS support last month. This page gives several ways to create new RSS feeds for Twitter accounts.

Update (October 27, 2014): Here is a cost-free and ad-free Android app that is an RSS feed generator for Twitter.

Update (April 25, 2015): Here is a list of RSS feeds for each of my Twitter accounts, hosted by BazQux.

Update (February 6, 2017): Subscribing to Twitter via RSS is a losing battle. I’ve deleted the┬árest of this post because it doesn’t work anymore.

12 thoughts on “How to subscribe to a Twitter account via RSS now

  1. getting 503 Over Quota error as well, I suspect that rss4twitter has limit on subscribers.

  2. I have switched to Bazqux (works great). Does anybody know a way to create a rss feed from a tagged stream?

  3. Hi John,

    I wanted to let your readers know about an alternative that I developed called Tweetledee. It is free, MIT licensed and the files are available on GitHub. The documentation with detailed instructions and usage examples are here:

    It is for users who have access to a PHP server and would like to host their own Twitter RSS or JSON data. It is a simple upload and use approach for the standard user. For developers, the project offers command line interface access to Twitter JSON data with standard short and long switch syntax and the ability to pipe through standard output to other applications. Most recently, I added the ability to appropriately set your response headers so that you can access Twitter data with cross site JavaScript for users who would like to access their data from client side code on other websites.

    It currently supports user timelines, home timelines, user favorites, search query feeds, and user lists.

    There are a number of hosted and self-hosted resources out there now and this is another option for those who are testing/experimenting to determine the optimal approach to address their needs.

    Hope it helps. Your readers are welcome to contact me if they have issues or questions about the project.


  4. Hi,

    Does anybody want to try out a new Twitter->RSS service that I’ve created? Visit Still testing it, so registrations are limited. If you decide to give it a try, your feedback will be highly appreciated!


  5. i simply don’t understand why everyone stop supporting rss? there is already tools to convert web pages (including twitter timeline) to rss. first search in google gives me , , and so on. so people need rss. stop killing it

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