Animated exponential sum

I’m experimenting with making animated versions of the kinds of images I wrote about in my previous post. Here’s an animated version of the exponential sum of the day for 12/4/17.

Why that date? I wanted to start with something with a fairly small period, and that one looked interesting. I’ll have to do something different for the images that have a much longer period.

Update: Now all the images on the exponential sum site have the option of showing animation. Here’s an interesting example.


3 thoughts on “Animated exponential sum

  1. The variations are intriguing. I used your code in a Jupyter notebook that I update daily. Fun stuff.

  2. Is the Go3Dnow link correct? It seems quite different in scope then creating 2D vector drawings.

  3. Yes. This isn’t the kind of thing Go 3D Now normally does, but someone from there is helping me with animation.

    Go 3D Now does do a lot of animation, though the image in this post isn’t the kind of thing they normally do. They’re more likely to take video from a drone and make an animation of a scene. But they’re helping me try out some things.

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