Free technical books, mostly chemical engineering

Retiring professor Leonard Fabiano contacted me looking to give away a set of technical books, mostly chemical engineering books. If you’re interested please email him at

Here are the books:

Chemical engineering books

Click on the image to see a larger version.

Two titles are not possible to read in the photo. These are

  • Conduction of heat in solids by Carslaw and Jaeger
  • Molecular Thermodynamics of Fluid Phase Equilibria by Prausnitz

4 thoughts on “Free technical books, mostly chemical engineering

  1. Perhaps I’m missing some context here, but wouldn’t it be better to donate them to a library?

  2. I’ve tried the “donate to the library” routine with my old textbooks. They told me they’re not interested and won’t take them. They suggested the fireplace or (but not and) a shredder.

  3. A library may not take them. They’re too technical for a public library, and a college library might not take them either.

    I tried to give some books to two local university libraries and both turned me down. One said that their bureaucracy practically prohibits donations. One of the libraries has since bought a copy of one of the books I tried to give them.

  4. Some of these are classics (Smith/Van Ness, Felder/Rousseau, Bird/Steward/Lightfoot), but the rest are fairly unknown and may be a bit outdated.

    You can probably donate them to the bargain bin at a used bookstore. I’ve picked up similar titles for $1.

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