Cop with a mop

Yesterday I was at a wedding, and a vase broke in the aisle shortly before the bridal party was to enter. Guests quickly picked up the pieces, but the vase left a pool of water on the hard floor.

A security guard ran (literally) for a mop and cheerfully picked up the water. He could have easily stood in the corner and said that mopping floors is not his job. And if he were guarding a jewelry store, it would be inappropriate for him to leave his post to get a mop. But his presence at the wedding was a formality, presumably a venue requirement, and no one was endangered by his fetching a mop. There was more danger of someone slipping on a wet floor.

I enjoy seeing anyone do their job with enthusiasm, doing more than the minimum required. Over-zealous people can cause problems, but I’d much rather deal with such problems than deal with people passively putting in their time.

3 thoughts on “Cop with a mop

  1. I’ve found that in every job I’ve had that required any sort of customer service, doing a little more than what is expected of you always produced rally good results. And as you say, having enthusiasm for your job is always a big plus, no matter what you think of the job, your co-workers, your compensation, etc.

  2. But if the security office hurt his back or flip and fell and was injured – insurance would refuse to pay since mopping floors is 1) out of his scope of responsibility and 2) he isn’t trained and certified to mop floors. He is trained, certified and bonded for security work – not mopping floors. Also if something was stolen people would sue the security agency because the officer wasn’t doing his job. Laugh if you want – but totally true.

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