Master / Apprentice relationship graph in Star Wars

Here’s a graph of master / apprentice relationships for Jedi and Sith in the Star Wars movies. It’s not exhaustive, but it covers the main relationships in Episodes I through VI.

Jedi master/padawan relationships

Here’s what you get if you add a dashed arrow for who killed whom.

Master / apprentice relationships with who killed whom

Here’s the dot (GraphVis) code that created the diagrams.

digraph G {

    Vader [label="Anakin Skywalker/\nDarth Vader"];
    Dooku [label="Dooku/\nDarth Tyranus"];
    Luke  [label="Luke Skywalker"];
    Ben   [label="Obi-Wan Kenobi"];
    Liam  [label="Qui-Gon Jinn"];
    DS    [label="Palpatine/\nDarth Sidious"]
    DP    [label="Darth Plagueis"];
    DM    [label="Darth Maul"];

    Yoda  -> Dooku;
    Yoda  -> Luke;
    Dooku -> Liam;
    Liam  -> Ben;
    Liam  -> Vader;
    Ben   -> Vader;
    Ben   -> Luke;
    DS    -> Dooku;
    DS    -> Vader;
    DP    -> DS;
    DS    -> DM;
    Vader -> DS [style=dashed];
    Vader -> Dooku [style=dashed];
    Vader -> Ben [style=dashed];
    Ben   -> DM [style=dashed];    
    DM    -> Liam [style=dashed];
    DS    -> DP [style=dashed];

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