What does RIPEMD stand for?

The RIPEMD-160 secure hash function may be best known these days for its role as part of the implementation of Bitcoin. I’ve wondered what “RIPEMD” stands for, and today I stumbled on an explanation [1]:

“RIPEMD” stands for “RIPE Message Digest,” where “RIPE” stands for “RACE Integrity Primitives Evaluation” and where “RACE” stands for “Research and Development in Advanced Communications Technologies in Europe”—a nice example of a recursive abbreviation.

This deserves a diagram:

I created the diagram above with DITAA.

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[1] Introduction to Cryptography with Open-Source Software by Alasdair McAndrew. CRC Press. 2011

4 thoughts on “What does RIPEMD stand for?

  1. Marnix Klooster

    And of course ‘bit’ is an abbreviation too, even if it’s not an acronym. And one could argue about ‘160’… :-)

  2. I couldn’t resist traversing and flattening the tree. It’s “Research and Development in Advanced Communications Technologies in Europe Integrity Primitives Evaluation Message Digest”.

    Which I assume the Germans render as a single word.

  3. Chirp from the peanut gallery:

    Isn’t this more “iteration“ than “recursion“?

    Recursion: it calls itself (e.g. GNU)

    Iteration: it repeatedly calls some function (here, expansion)


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