What it takes to make Paint.NET easy to install

Writing good installation programs is hard. It takes experience and forethought to imagine all the things that might happen on the client’s computer. Top notch programmers know that installers are critical to a user’s experience and put a lot of time into making them high quality. Not so top notch programmers think a project is done when they can get it to work on their computer.

Scott Hanselman has an interview with Paint.NET creator Rick Brewster. The main topic of the interview was the things Rick did to make Paint.NET easy to install.

Paint.NET is an image editing product written using Microsoft’s .NET framework. In a sense Paint.NET is the geometric mean between the Paint program that ships with Windows and Adope Photoshop: it does about 20x more than Paint and about 20x less than Photoshop. It does most of the things I need, but it’s small enough that I can do a brute force search of the features if I have to.