Audio book narrators

Last year I wrote a post about my favorite audio book narrators: John McDonough and Rob Inglis. Here are three more who came to mind lately.

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4 thoughts on “Audio book narrators

  1. Thanks for the recommendations. I’ve listened to all the Harry Potter books and I agree that Jim Dale is an amazing reader.

    Our kids love the Junie B. books, but we haven’t listened to any of them. Based on your recommendation I just ordered a couple disks through ILL. They’ll be good for our upcoming road trip.

    Frank Muller is a good reader too.

    George Guidall is the only narrator I try to stay away from. For some reason his style of narration makes great literature sound like pulp fiction (to me).

    Do have an iPod? I’ve been listening to all my books on the 2x speed (which is really 1.5x). It sounds great and I get through books that much faster.

  2. Dave, I think you’ll enjoy the Junie B. books on CD. The narrator makes me laugh every time I hear her.

    I have an iPod, but I haven’t tried speeding up books, not intentionally. My iPod used to accidentally get into 2x mode and it was annoying. Maybe more surprising than annoying. I imagine I’d like it better if I deliberately chose it.

  3. I didn’t try the 2x feature until the iPod 3.1 OS (on the iPod Touch). So I don’t know if it is better than earlier versions. But it sounds great, and after a few minutes I don’t even notice that it is sped up.

    Right now I’m listening to The Brothers Karamzov and it is the first book where it is hard to understand the narrator (only once, and a while when he’s speaking quickly with a Russian accent).

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