Color-coded surgery

This is the most encouraging thing I’ve seen in cancer research in some time: a way to make tumors fluoresce. This allows surgeons to see tumor boundaries.

From TED (link rotted)

6 thoughts on “Color-coded surgery

  1. Holy crap! This looks like a huge leap forward, especially if the customized coloring makes progress.

    A couple of years ago I read about a similar idea being used to target radiation, but the coloring idea seems significantly more promising.

  2. Speaking entirely from ignorance, is it that big a leap between “make it glow” and “make it die”?

  3. Nathan: As far as I understand it, yes, that’s a big leap. But maybe further research into delivering tracers will lead to ways to deliver chemotherapy.

  4. This idea is very very old. Ever head of a Pet scan?

    One thing you could also try would be multiple targeted (robot controlled) biopsies with thin (butterfly) needles.

  5. A PET scan is big, expensive, and not used in real time. The idea in this video would be small, cheap, and real-time.

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