Exception Driven Development

Using program exceptions as a learning tool:

When I’m learning something new, I sometimes find myself practicing EDD (exception driven development). I try to evaluate some code, get an exception or error message, and then Google the error message to figure out what the heck happened.

From Mastering Clojure Macros

2 thoughts on “Exception Driven Development

  1. Oh, yay, are you picking up Clojure? It’s my favorite language; I’m really looking forward to seeing any posts you write about it.

  2. This is actually counter productive way of learning. I used to follow this pattern, but it limits your ability to leverage new concepts in language:
    I picked up Rust as new language to learn and quickly created search over fst using library (15 minutes). Creating parsing JSON in function took me over 2 hours because I had to fight with borrow checker and Options/errors, both concepts which are covered in programming rust and it would take me 15 minutes of reading.

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