Regex to match ICD-11 code

ICD codes are diagnostic codes created by the WHO. (Three TLAs in just the opening paragraph!)

The latest version, ICD-11, went into effect in January of this year. A few countries are using ICD-11 now; it’s expected to be at least a couple years before the US moves from ICD-10 to ICD-11. (I still see ICD-9 data even though ICD-10 came out in 1994.)

One way that ICD-11 codes differ from ICD-10 codes is that the new codes do not use the letters I or O in order to prevent possible confusion with the digits 1 and 0. In the code below, “alphabetic” and “alphanumeric” implicitly exclude the letters I and O.

Another way the codes differ is the that the second character in an ICD-10 is a digit whereas the second character in an ICD-11 code is a letter.

What follows is a heavily-commented regular expression for matching ICD-11 codes, along with a few tests to show that the regex matches things it should and does not match things it should not.

Of course you could verify an ICD-11 code by searching against an exhaustive list of such codes, but the following is much simpler and may match some false positives. However, it is future-proof against false negatives: ICD-11 codes added in the future will conform to the pattern in the regular expression.

import re

icd11_re = re.compile(r"""
    ^                  # beginning of string
    [A-HJ-NP-Z0-9]     # alphanumeric
    [A-HJ-NP-Z]        # alphabetic
    [0-9]              # digit
    [A-HJ-NP-Z0-9]     # alphanumeric
    ((\.               # optional starting with .
    [A-HJ-NP-Z0-9])    # alphanumeric
    [A-HJ-NP-Z0-9]?)?  # optional further refinement
    $                  # end of string
    """, re.VERBOSE)

good = [
    "ND52",   # fracture of arm, level unspecified
    "9D00.3", # presbyopia
    "8B60.Y", # other specified increased intercranial pressure
    "DB98.7Z" # portal hypertension, unspecified

bad = [
    "ABCD",    # third character must be digit
    "AB3D.",   # dot must be followed by alphanumeric
    "9D0O.3",  # letter 'O' should be number 0
    "DB9872",  # missing dot
    "AB3",     # too short
    "DB90.123" # too long

for g in good:
for b in bad:
    assert(icd11_re.match(b) == None)

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