Certified sonnet primes

Last week I wrote about primailty certificates. These certificates offer a way to verify that a number is prime using less computation than was used to discover than the number was prime.

This post gives a couple more examples of primality certificates using sonnet primes. As described here,

These are primes of the form ababcdcdefefgg, the rhyme scheme of an English (Shakespearean) sonnet, where the letters a through g represent digits and a is not zero.

There are 16,942 sonnet primes, ranging from 10102323454577 to 98987676505033.

Here are Pratt certificates verifying that the largest and smallest sonnet primes are indeed primes.

As before, I assume primes less than 100 are recognizable as primes, though the certificate algorithm continue until all branches of the tree end in a 2.