Keyboard shortcuts for Mac, Linux, and Windows

As many of you know, I have a Twitter account @SansMouse that posts one Windows keyboard shortcut per day. I’m starting to experiment with adding Mac and Linux keyboard shortcuts as well. For Linux, I’ll stick to Ubuntu with the default GNOME window manager.

SansMouse will continue to post one Windows shortcut each weekday. I’ll add a #windows hash tag to these, and I’ll also start adding #mac and #ubuntu tags to tips that also work on these platforms. Over time I’ll add some tips specific to Mac and Ubuntu.

Ben Jaffe had a Twitter account @commandtab for Mac keyboard shortcuts. Ben has stopped posting to that account but he has said I could reuse his content, so I plan to fold his tweets into SansMouse.

Update (15 February 2011): Windows and Ubuntu shortcuts are quite similar, but Mac is too different. I’ve decided to drop Mac shortcuts.

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Interview with David Spiegelhalter

Samuel Hansen interviews David Spiegelhalter on his mathematical podcast Strongly Connected Components. [Link no longer available.] From the show notes:

On today’s episode of Strongly Connected Components Samuel Hansen called up the Winton Professor for the Public Understanding of Risk, as well as Senior Scientist in the MRC Biostatistics Unit, David Spiegelhalter. They discussed the true meaning of risk, the importance of the Bayesian Method, how to get a lot of citations, and even a bit about the bookies.

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