Top posts of 2022

These were the most popular posts on my site this year.

#10: How is portable radio possible? The length of an antenna is typically 1/2 or 1/4 of the length of the radio wave it’s designed to receive. How does an AM radio not need an antenna as long as a football field? See also Mathematics of radio.

#9: How to memorize the ASCII table Using landmarks, mnemonics, and the major memory system

#8: Org-mode as a lightweight notebook Emacs org-mode works like a Jupyter notebook, but is much simpler and much more transparent.

#7: Computing VIN checksums Python code to carry out a checksum for vehicle identification numbers

#6: The Chicken McNugget Monoid Finding the largest number of chicken nuggets you cannot buy.

#5: Phone tones in musical notation What is says on the tin.

#4: What use is mental math? Even though computers are cheap and ubiquitous, it’s useful to be about to quick, rough calculations in your head.

#3: Logarithms yearning to be free Theorems that have logarithmic special cases

#2: Hiragana, Katakana, and Unicode Japanese writing systems and how they map to Unicode

#1: Why a slide rule works Not how, but why. See also the post on circular slide rules.